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Why You Should Involve Male Chastity in Your Relationship

What is male chastity? If your man is constantly horny without actually caring about your needs, it’s time to set him straight! But how can you take control and make it …

What is male chastity? If your man is constantly horny without actually caring about your needs, it’s time to set him straight! But how can you take control and make it equally pleasurable for the both of you? Here’s why you should involve male chastity in your relationship!

An Age When Chivalry Is Dead

How many times have you started a relationship with the sweetest guy on the planet only to see him become a selfish jerk just after a few months of dating? Here’s the thing: chivalry isn’t what it used to be. Men’s attitudes toward women have significantly changed. Old-school courtship is now the product of a bygone era. Plus, men have found ways to exploit it for their gain.

Many guys will try hard to do everything for a woman during the dating stage. Yet, when it comes to long-term commitment, they’ll give up. This could be because they’ve already gotten what they wanted. After that, chivalry, romance, open communication, and intimate moments cease to be a priority. Yet, they are essential for maintaining healthy relationships. So what can you do? If you still think that your guy has potential, you can try to take the reins with male chastity. How will male chastity help?

Men Are Selfish

When guys are horny, they will do anything just to quench their thirst. If you’re not in the mood or you don’t want to be treated as his cum receptacle, he could turn to masturbation, porn, and even cheating. The reason? Well, it’s evident that men have much higher sexual drives. They’re also more inclined to pursue non-monogamy and have a different notion of sex compared to women. What’s more, even if your relationship is completely normal and healthy, your man could be a bit selfish in the bedroom. For example, he could cum too quickly and not pay any attention to your pleasure. So how can chastity solve those problems?

If you introduce chastity, you could curb your guy’s desires for kinky fantasies. Also, you’ll also be able to gain more control over his sexual habits. If he’s acting like an arrogant prick, a few days in a chastity cage will certainly put him in check. However, why would your man even agree to seal off his soaring symbol of masculinity? What’s the best way to convince him to try a male chastity device?

What Happens When You Start Male Chastity

Obviously, we’re not encouraging you to lock your man’s cock up while he’s sleeping and swallow the key! Chastity requires consent. You shouldn’t manipulate or force your man into it. Still, many people forget that chastity play will actually be incredibly pleasurable for both partners. It’s an extremely kinky activity that focuses on power exchange. You can combine it with tons of other sexual activities to boost pleasure for the both of you. If you initiate it, there’s a big chance that he’ll be into it.

The goal of chastity is to lock up your man’s penis in a cock cage, belt, or similar device, check this LG collection out. That will prevent him from masturbating and having sex. At first, you can try chastity for a few hours or a day to see how your man can handle it. You will be in charge of the key to his chastity device. This means he will need to behave and curb his desires until you say otherwise. The benefits of this are increased intimacy, a stronger relationship, and better sex.

Moreover, chastity will make your man focus on things other than sex. He’ll become more attentive, aware, and active in your relationship. If he behaves well and follows the rules, you can grant him pleasure by freeing him and allowing him sexual pleasure. Ultimately, this can train men to control their orgasms better, last longer in bed, and pay more attention to their partners.

What You Need to Remember When You Start This

Before you get your man a cock cage, remember some of the following tips:

  • Male chastity requires consent. It won’t work if you force your guy to do it. 
  • Chastity takes practice, meaning that you won’t be able to cage him up for days at first.
  • Both of you will need to understand the psychological and physical goals.
  • You’ll also need to understand some risks (e.g., chafing or skin irritations) and safety measures (e.g., use of lubricant, etc.).
  • You’ll have to be dominant. You’ll have the power to provide or deny him his sexual pleasure. This is mainly done through tease and denial (physically and verbally).
  • With tease and denial along with other techniques. That includes femdom, orgasm denial, bondage, cock milking, etc.
  • However, practicing various fetishes is not a requirement. You can simply try chastity to make your man hold off on creaming his pants until you have conventional sex. That will also increase intimacy, improve sex, and solidify your bond.

When to Stop Male Chastity

Chastity play can go on for months or years. It all depends on your man’s threshold and how long you’re willing to experiment with this kink.

In practical terms, your man will obviously have to remove the device for hygienic purposes and trips to the bathroom. Still, some devices can accommodate a penis 24/7, which means you can keep him locked up for months or even years.

In the end, it depends on how far he’s willing to go. After all, it’s all about sealing off his pride and joy, which means that there could be times when he will not be comfortable with it. You’ll have to discuss the rules and boundaries of chastity with your man and see how long he will be willing to do it.

Also, it will take some time to find a proper-fitting cage that doesn’t hurt or feel awkward. When you find it, he’ll be able to wear it during the day, at the office, while shopping, etc. Then, you’ll be able to calm your nerves while knowing that his cock is locked up and that it only belongs to one owner: you!

Now, Lock That Cock Up!

As you’ve seen, male chastity is an incredibly effective practice that can enable you to transform your relationship. So have a talk with your man, order him a cock cage, and start playing!