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Anal balls, known as counterpart for kegel balls for adult vaginas, are one of the most popular types of anal stimulants and are very popular among women for providing advanced masturbation techniques. Anal balls are a series of “beads”, which are interconnected by a string. These beads can be two, and maybe much more – also anal balls can be of different sizes and colors – everyone can choose their own sex toy to their liking. Anal balls for men are usually smaller in diameter than vaginal balls – but some ball models can be used for both vaginal and anal satisfaction.

We decided to try anal balls for the first time? Then first you need to decide on the size, shape and material of your new sex toys – pick yourself what you need. Anal balls are both round and elongated – oblong, smooth and ribbed – there are many options. Anal balls are most often made of polyvinyl chloride, gel, plastic and latex – but there are anal balls made of glass and metal. For the first time you should use anal balls of smaller diameter. In the sex shop you can choose your own balls that will be fully suitable for you – good, the choice in modern sex shops is very large. Well, when anal balls are already purchased and are in your hands, and you are ready to try anal stimulation on yourself – some tips for those who will experiment with anal balls for the first time.

A prelude stage is necessary – to engage in anal stimulation and any sexual games without the appropriate mood are not worth it. And the sensations will not be the same, and the pleasure will not be as strong as it could be. Therefore, tune in to the right mood – it can be communication (including intimate) with your loved one or watching a film for adults, and maybe you will take a bath with your favorite – it does not matter, the main thing is that you get excited and want to get sexual enjoyment.

Before use, especially for the first time, anal balls should be washed with warm soapy water and treated with an antiseptic. You cannot use anal balls for diseases of hemorrhoids or diseases of the rectum.

In order for the penetration of anal balls to occur painlessly, you need to relax the body and muscles of the anus. If your body is not relaxed, the introduction of the balls can be accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations and discomfort.

For any anal penetration – including with the help of anal balls, you must use a lubricant. In the anus there are no special glands that would moisturize the anus – so do not regret lubricants. For these purposes, great fit special anal lubricants, which can be purchased in the sex shop?

Try to stimulate the anus with your finger before introducing anal balls first. Ask your partner to help you, use a lubricant. The anus should be prepared for the introduction of anal balls into it; the sphincter muscles should be relaxed and elastic.

Anal balls must be introduced slowly, one by one with the introduction should appear a pleasant feeling of squeezing the anus. Wait a while and add grease.if you feel that the ball enters hard. For a better introduction, take the “classic” pose – lying on your back, with legs wide apart and a raised pelvis.

When stimulating with the use of anal balls, it is very important to listen to the sensations of your body – especially if this is your first time. Perhaps at first the sensations will be uncomfortable – this is a normal situation, your body should get used to finding anal balls inside your body.

When fondling with the help of anal balls, you can use other sex toys – for example, a vibrator for anal joy or anal plug. During foreplay, you can beautifully take off erotic lingerie; play some role-playing game with sexual overtones.

There is an opinion that anal balls should be removed very quickly – with one jerk, at the time of reaching orgasm – then the sensations from it will be many times brighter and richer, and the orgasm itself will occur more intensively. You can only find out how this is suitable for you personally by experience, but you should not try to drastically pull out the anal balls in the first applications; only as you gain experience, you can experiment and try something new.

And for the first time anal balls should be pulled out of the anus slowly, being careful – pull anal balls, while keeping them straight – do not tilt the anal balls from side to side, so as not to damage the anus. Anal balls – a popular type of sex toy, gaining more and more fans – having tried this type of anal pleasure, you may also become an adherent of anal balls.

Why do sex toys for adults?

If you are an adult, reasonable and responsible person, then, for sure, take sex very seriously, you know what a significant role it plays in people’s lives. Of course, sex is important! This is self-realization, this is a relationship, this is health and these are not toys for you! Why are so many people around the world lightly bringing vibrant “butterflies” and dancing pink “rabbits” into the bedroom?

Why do adults need toys in the “non-children’s occupation”?

Happy sex is a feeling of carelessness, lightness and a game in which everything turns out, everything gives pleasure. And any sex toy can be a catalyst for such a direct and joyful perception of sex.

Nozzle – as a gift!

Imagine a typical weekday, among a multitude of calls and messages – suddenly a message from HER: “I have prepared for you an intimate gift! Today you will have extraordinary sex! ” And that’s it! Until the end of the day, only this intriguing promise is thought. And anticipate, fantasize and think about sex all day – both! And this means that the silicone nozzle bought in the sex shop emotionally adjusts and stimulates both partners even before its use for its intended purpose.

What’s next? Romantic evening, giving a savory gift and, of course, “fitting”! The woman’s putting on a woman’s penis attachment can cause great excitement. To put on the nozzle, it is rolled out like a condom, while the most tender and soft silicone tightly wraps the penis, along with the exciting love “massage”, further toning and strengthening the erection. But the pleasure of a gift is not limited to one “fitting”!

Gift can also be given in the form of cock cage for booty calls. Better safe than sorry.

One sex toy and 6 pleasures at once!

  • Stimulating penis cap
  • Thanks to tight girth, helps achieve maximum erection
  • Strengthens and maintains an erection all the time
  • Excites sensitive areas: the clitoris, the entrance to the vagina or the G-point
  • Stimulates the penis due to the “reverse” massage effect from reliefs
  • Creates additional volume, enhancing the sensations of a woman

And how many more amazing gifts can men and women give each other! How many new exciting impressions, sexual scenarios and pleasures open up such gifts to people!

The right to orgasm!

Most people have periods when sex with a partner is not possible. Long separation, separation and lack of readiness for new connections, absence of a potential partner by a number, wearing of chastity cage against porn, timidity, inability to meet and enter into relationships and it also happens that there is sex, but only it does not bring pleasure. And you want to at least sometimes experience a strong arousal and orgasm. So sex toys give this right to an orgasm for everyone! Today, there are many safe vibrators for sex and other “sex devices”, which in the vast majority of cases cause great excitement.

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