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What to do when affection has stopped to be the main key for your beloved thing? Scientists are keeping trying to prove it: sex happens to be the most enjoyable panacea from all. The list of possibilities of this action is almost endless: it acts as an antioxidant and antibiotic, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, relieves insomnia and even prolongs life! This is a universal medicine and a rejuvenating apple in one bottle. True, it was not without a very weighty thing here too: in order for the tool to work, it must be taken at least once a week.

Well, when all is well, but if your loved one began to avoid intimate situations and no longer drags you into the bedroom as soon as possible? There are two options: either your sex life became worse than the bitter radish for him, or small problems “there” became apparent.

It is no secret that the stronger sex is experiencing especially painful troubles in the sexual part. Nothing beats his self-esteem like a problem with his “best friend.” Experiences are so global that men occupy almost 90% of the time! What kind of repairing a broken crane or planning a family budget is here, if his man’s everything is at stake

Do not wait until the intimate difficulties take away all one hundred percent of his attention. Failure in bed – a temporary phenomenon, and the right approach will help eliminate them. First you need to find out exactly what caused it “I cannot.” Also you can go for the best male chastity device to have a control over it. You can get one of these in a highly recommended sex shop like

Course – to health

Andrologists (specialists who study the intimate health of men) came to a sensational conclusion: each male Homo sapiens had enormous sexual opportunities, thanks to which he is able to satisfy 15 women in a row. After such a discovery, a completely logical question arises: where does all this unspent sexual energy end up?

As it turned out, the whole thing is in an unreasonable, and sometimes completely disregard for their health. The stronger sex does not get tired of showing suffering by catching a common cold, but as soon as the symptoms appear more serious – he will not go to a doctor for any price.

Meanwhile, problems in the body can not affect its sexual stamina. 60% of cases of reduced potency are associated with health. And often the masculine “want” is affected by the malaise of systems and organs that seem to have nothing to do with it: cardiovascular, endocrine, or digestive. And chronic diseases can consistently reduce the level of the male hormone testosterone to 15%. Which naturally leads to a weakening of the libido?

How to help? To return the potency “in place”, it is necessary to cure the underlying disease. After that, the male power will return. And teach your partner to a healthy lifestyle. For example, non-smoking men have sex twice as often!

Tired? Have a rest!

According to statistics, every eighth man on the planet suffers from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). This is prolonged fatigue, which does not pass even after sleep and rest, and reduces the functions of the body more than twice.

Check this article from mayoclinic about chronic fatigue syndrome

As a test – a small test. If you’re intimate life is usually below average, but surprisingly getting better during the holidays this is the reason.

Everyone knows that the Japanese are obsessed with work – they are constantly trying to find the ideal formula for labor and at the same time recognized as the most asexual nation. Conclusion: work is good, but rest is an equally important task.

How to help?

Fighting a “businessman’s syndrome” can only be done in one way – grab the earned gentleman and go with him to the other end of the land, or at least to the country. Most importantly, the phone was turned off and the vacation lasted at least two weeks. And the more active the rest program, the better! Returning to normal mode, find a common hobby that will prevent your half to stay at work until late.

If the “second heart” is naughty

The ancient Greeks were aware of the significance of the prostate, and even called it the second heart of a man. Making statuettes, they depicted the prostate as a separate man. It is understandable: problems with the “second” instantly affect the intimate life of a man and life in general. To pick up a disappointing diagnosis is actually very simple – to freeze, expecting a loved one at the bus stop, overdo it in the gym or have an irregular sex life.

However, only 10% of men go to the doctor. The remaining 90% are trying to solve problems with the help of Viagra or refuse from intimate life at all.

How to help? Noticing that your companion has become irritable, and your family life can be called somehow, but not sexual, urgently take action. Make a move with the horse: tell your husband that you have some problems, and the gynecologist advised him to check too. So a visit to the doctor will not harm his self-esteem. To prevent the disease, do not delay with prophylactic examinations at the urologist and taking multivitamins.

Like the first time

You stay alone, he caresses you, but when it comes to the most interesting, he does not succeed. It is a nightmare for any man, and no matter how courageous and confident a macho is, he is still afraid to fail in bed especially if this is your first intimate date and especially if he likes you a lot. Such misfires are most often found in youths that have not yet fledged, who really do not know how to give pleasure to their partner. But even older men can suffer a painful fiasco, especially when they are not confident.

How to help? If such an incident occurred, in no case do not joke about it or even focus attention. Move sex away, not even to the second, but to the third plan. In the end, there are many other equally pleasant ways to achieve orgasm. It can be caress hands or cunnilingus. And when an upset cavalier gets comfortable and relaxes, he can finally please you with a powerful erection.

How to help? Only one way out: to become cute on roller skates or cross-country skiing! The fact is that only high-speed sports that require the work of the pelvic floor muscles can save your intimate life. Yes, and any other physical activity, except for chess, will benefit him – whether it is football, basketball or jogging.

Potency determines a man’s ability to have sex and characterized by the degree of tension of the penis, the rate of appearance of erection and the intensity of sexual life in general. From the age of 30, the frequency of sexual acts in men is on average 2-3 times a week. At the same time, almost 25% of married couples have sex life no more than once a month, and about 10% indulge each other in intimate communication only once every six months, or even less often!

Increase libido with taste!

Food can not only saturate a hungry male earner, but also arouse. Feed him with aphrodisiacs, and the result will not take long!

Wear Chastity Belt

Now it should be possible to extend to over twelve hours, at best up to 24 hours. This is only the third weekend in a row. Here you should try to wear his chastity belt day and night. In the first three weeks, an orgasm should be prevented as mentioned, but that does not mean that you are not allowed to have sex. At the end of the third week, you should take stock and ask yourself if that was so much fun and you want to continue or not. It will be exciting, however, only now.